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Garage Door Maintenance

Our team is at your service for garage door maintenance in Richmond, British Columbia. Your decision to book such a service is excellent. As you likely know, garage doors work better and do so for a longer time when they are maintained. Then again, the frequency of the service matters as much as the way it’s done.

To be precise, by signing up for regular garage door maintenance service and assigning the job to an expert team, you don’t have anything to worry about. At least, that’s the case when you sign up for a maintenance plan at Garage Door Repair Richmond BC. Let us provide some additional information.

Garage Door Maintenance Richmond

Experts in garage door maintenance in Richmond, BC

When you book for your residential Richmond garage door maintenance at our company, a pro is arranged to come to your home when it’s suitable for you. That’s whether you sign up for a regular program or want a one-time service. And the pros show up with their van equipped as required to carry out the service.

It’s vital to pinpoint that the techs assigned to maintain garage doors are skilled. They are experienced in garage door troubleshooting – hence, have the expertise to identify problems, weaknesses, and glitches. And so, even minor issues are fixed. Of course, the whole essence of maintenance is not to repair but prevent problems. That’s why the service should be booked occasionally. But since some repairs cannot be avoided, the techs do what they must to keep the garage door running safely and correctly.

What’s usually involved in a garage door maintenance service

Of course, the garage door maintenance service involves several tasks – all sorts of minor repairs and adjustments, inspection and tests. The point is to inspect everything – from major to tiny parts, check everything, and test everything and then fix accordingly to ensure the safe and proper performance of the garage door. And so, the techs check the travel limits, the balance, the opener, the cables, the springs, the tracks, the rollers – all parts and all features. They test the balance and if needed, do garage door adjustment. They check the hardware and if needed, they tighten the fasteners.

Dirt is removed, everything is cleaned, and lubricants are sprayed. In short, everything about the garage door is checked and the necessary adjustments are done for its safe and noiseless operation. The service is accurately done, from start to finish, and doesn’t cost much. If you are considering garage door maintenance, Richmond techs are ready to serve.